He Sure Helped Me out of a Jam

My wife took me to a chiropractor in Phoenix in part, I think, to embarrass me further for the dumb stunt I pulled about a week earlier. My little girl was outside riding her little girl bike and I thought it would be funny to entertain her by attempting to ride her bike around the street in front of our house. She did indeed think it was amusing and her laughter egged me on to keep doing it. The problem is a six foot tall adult attempt to turn around on a bike made for a small child.

You would think it wouldn’t have hurt so badly falling. It’s not like I had far to fall. It was enough to take the skin off my kneecaps and I felt something pop in one of the knees. The pain was so bad I couldn’t get up. My wife came out and rolled her eyes thinking I was clowning around, but I was in actual distress. Even as she helped me into the house and patched my knees up, she kept rolling her eyes and sighing. I wasn’t worried enough to go the emergency room, but I did want to see my wife’s chiropractor.

I figured I might have pulled a muscle or dislocated my knee cap, although I thought it more the former than the latter. The chiropractor enjoyed my tale of woe, though. He looked at the knee and said it was probably a really severe muscle pull and that they could use massage therapy on it once the skinned knees healed. So I went back a week and half later and after some deep tissue massage I felt like a brand new guy. I’m now under strict orders to not ride my daughter’s bike around the street or in the drive way!

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