My Hair is Thick Once Again

I started noticing my hair loss when I was in my late 20s. I really did not think much about it at first, because it was just a few more strands than usual now and again. However, it did not take long before I knew that I had to do something because the strands kept coming out. I knew that I was not in danger of becoming bald right away, but I knew that thinning hair was definitely in my future. I did a search for PRP Sydney after I talked with my doctor about my hair loss.

He told me that this is a clinical procedure that has shown promise in a number of different things, including hair loss. I had no idea what PRP even meant, so I knew that I needed to do some research before I made any decisions. I found out that it means Platelet Rich Plasma, and it is simply a procedure where they collect a person’s blood. It is not a huge amount of blood that is needed. It reminds me of the type that is taken when any type of medical procedure is about to take place. However, rather than being tested, this is actually being spun in a centrifuge.

This separates the different aspects of the blood, because just one part is needed for this procedure. They use a numbing agent to put on the patient’s scalp, and then the platelet rich plasma is injected back into my scalp. Because of the process used, it is ready to start acting the way it is intended. For me, that meant that I was able to have thick hair in just a couple of month’s times. I really did not notice just how much thickness I had lost until I regained it all back. This has given me my self confidence back too!

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